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Webinar "Holodomor and the Nation - Multigenerational Effects"

When: Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 7:00 PM UTC+02

Organizer: Global Holodomor Descendants’ Network, Ukrainian World Congress International Coordinating Committee for Holodomor Awareness and Recognition

Co-Sponsors: HDN USA, HDN Canada

Webinar language: English

On the eve of the 88th anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine (1932-33), we invite you to a webinar with the participation of leading experts, historians, and scientists.

Key issues:
◾️How has the Holodomor impacted the behaviors and norms of Ukrainians in Ukraine and in the diaspora?
◾️What long-lasting psychological and physical follow-on effects have been noted in different generations (survivors and descendants)?
◾️How has the Holodomor impacted the development of the Ukrainian nation?

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As descendants of Holodomor survivors, we have a unique opportunity to ensure that the suffering of our families is known so that no other nation ever suffers such a tragedy again. We have a moral obligation to share this history with the world. By uniting Holodomor Descendants globally, we will be the personal voice for our survivor families, and together we will memorialize the victims and raise awareness of the follow-on effects of the Holodomor on future generations.

Olya Soroka
Chair, Global Holodomor Descendants’ Network
UWC President Paul Grod speaks at the International Forum “Mass Artificial Famines: We Remember. We Honor”, September 2021
Chair of the Holodomor Descendants’ Network Olya Soroka speaks at the International Forum “Mass Artificial Famines: We Remember. We Honor” in Kyiv, September 2021

Who we Are

We are the unique personal voice and validation of family accounts of the Holodomor – Genocide in order to convey the factual history in support of broader efforts to fight disinformation about the genocide perpetrated against the Ukrainian nation.

Global Holodomor Descendants Network was established by the Ukrainian World Congress on the initiative of its International Coordinating Committee for Holodomor Awareness and Recognition

What we do

– Identify and engage Holodomor Descendants to establish a network of vested interest participants

– Create a space for personal familial stories to have a perpetual voice

– Raise awareness among descendants of the enduring trauma that affects generations of Holodomor survivors’ families

– Remember the millions of innocent Ukrainians who suffered at the hands of Stalin’s regime that starved a nation

– Advocate the facts of the Holodomor-Genocide to dispel disinformation and denial

What we do

Olya Soroka
Chair, Global Holodomor Descendants Network
Olya Soroka Chair, Global Holodomor Descendants’ Network

Olya Soroka, Chair, Global Holodomor Descendants Network

Olya’s Maternal Grandparents, Mother, Aunt and Uncle and extended family experienced the Holodomor in the Zhytomyr Oblast of Ukraine. They suffered for many years after her grandfather was arrested for refusing to comply with the Soviet collection of food orders and the rest of the family was banished from their home. They were fortunate to survive these tragedies and escape to a displaced-persons camp in Weissenberg, Germany, where Olya’s mother and father met, married and later emigrated to the United States. They settled in Chicago, Illinois, where Olya was born.

Olya grew up in a patriotic Christian family that contributed to the Ukrainian community through many organizations their entire lives. Olya’s inspiration in life is her parents who lived through unimaginable horrors and found a way to contribute their efforts on behalf of Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty. Olya is an active member in many community organizations in the United States.

Olya Soroka, Chair, Holodomor Descendants’ Network

Kateryna Yushchenko, Ambassador, Holodomor Descendants’ Network


We invite Descendants of all Holodomor victims to add your voice to our Holodomor Descendants’ Network. Participation in the Network may be at a level that is comfortable and meaningful for you given your individual circumstances. Join in order to receive information on research, activities, events or join to be more active in sharing family accounts and actively supporting awareness / educational/ commemoration initiatives. The choice will be yours.

The Holodomor Descendants Network project was made possible through the generous funding of Mys Family and the support of the Ukrainian World Congress. The life stories of Mr Mykola and Mrs Mary Mys are true examples of selfless service to the Ukrainian community. Read Mr and Mrs Mys inspiring life stories as shared by Ms. Yvonne Hawryliuk.

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